Prof. Dr. Markus Loecher has been a professor of mathematics and statistics at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) since 2011. His research interests include machine learning, spatial statistics, data visualization and sequential learning. Prior to joining HWR Berlin he worked as principal and lead scientist at various data analytics companies in the United States. He holds a PhD in physics and a master degree in statistics.

He holds 8 patents in machine learning and sensor analytics and is the author of the popular R packages RgoogleMaps (using Web map tiles within R), bandit (multi-arm bandits and Thompason sampling) and rfVarImpOOB (unbiased variable importance in random forests). Markus has published a book as well as 20 refereed articles in international journals.

This Blog is about Code, Statistics and R. Blog posts related to R can also be read on R-Bloggers. Blog posts related to python can also be read on python-Bloggers. Loecher